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Patient Testimonials

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!


  • robotic right hip replacement
Frank's photo

“This wasn't just hip replacement surgery, it was a lifestyle change. I lived with hip pain - and continuous OTC pain relievers - for 18 months before deciding it was time to do something about it. Why did I wait so long? I feared that the surgery would change my lifestyle for the worst, i.e., not being able to be as active as I was (although in constant pain!) before surgery. I could not have been more wrong! Dr. Murray is my kind of surgeon: great patient rapport, explains everything very thoroughly and most of all, upbeat and confident. My recovery from hip replacement surgery was nothing short of miraculous. I was pain-free almost immediately and off pain meds within days following the surgery. His recommendations for conditioning and exercise (no bending at the waist, no twisting at the hips and no crossing legs) and "just walk" were spot on. I followed that regimen religiously and today, seven months later, I am better than I have ever felt. When I need to have my left hip replaced, I won't hesitate to have Dr. Murray perform the surgery. I trust him without reservation.”

Joan G.

  • Total knee replacement of both knees

“I had progressive severe arthritis of both knees for 20 years resulting in major deformity and mostly wheelchair use for the last three years.

I had consults with several orthopedists but did not have confidence that they could handle my severe disease.On my first visit to Dr. Murray he exuded confidence that he could straighten both legs and I felt that he had the experience and ability to accomplish this.

I had my Right knee done in early April with correction of an almost 30 degree deformity to perfectly straight and the left knee done in late June with similar good results.

I am only four months out from the original surgery and am out of the wheelchair and using a walker and having physical therapy. Today I walked half a mile with no difficulty. I had put off surgery for 15 years and got worse and worse. I am so happy that I finally chose to go through with it and my life has already greatly improved.I still need to gain back strength and balance and am on the way.My pain level has greatly improved.

Dr. Murray has been able to produce the results that he had hoped for on my initial visit.

It was great working with Dr. Murray and his office staff and the care at Hartford Hospital's Bone and Joint institute was wonderful.”

Nancy C.

  • Robotic assisted hip replacement

“Nine years ago, Dr. Murray replaced my right hip. This procedure was positively life changing, so when I was in desperate need of a left hip replacement, called his office despite having moved to LA. From the first phone call through the entire procedure and recovery, Dr. Murray and his staff, especially Amy, provided competent, efficient and compassionate care every inch of the way. Amy took care of all the paperwork... never allowing me to feel that I was an imposition. My pre-surgery directions were clear and organized...the surgery was swift and a confidence in Dr. Murray's expertise was validated. The anesthesiologist was sensitive to my concerns, and I was out of the hospital in less than 3 days. I am 2 months post-op, am following Dr. Murray's encouragement to walk, while respecting the 3 month restrictions. I'm happy to say, I'm walking 1-2 miles a day, have started to climb stairs, and am largely pain free, I would recommend any prospective joint replacement patient to trust Dr. Murray and his staff... my experience has been nothing short of wonderful, and has made a remarkable positive change in my life... it's great to be able to again walk and embrace an active life.”

Linda B

  • bilateral robotic hip replacement

“My search for a fantastic orthopedist involved weeks of online reading and talking with people who had had hip replacement surgery. friends suggested Dr. Murray. Now when asked about my surgery I share his name because he, his office staff, the surgical team and the staff of Hartford Hospital made this life changing event seamless. Dr. Murray glows with confidence and love of his work. His positive attitude and support convinced me that my surgery and recovery would be extremely successful. I felt very prepared for my surgery because Dr. Murray took the time to explain every detail. I also found the pre surgery class real helpful. The day after my surgery I was walking in the hospital taking only Tylenol, I had that little pain. I went home and worked with a physical therapist in my home for the first month. Now three months out I am walking greater distances and with no pain. It seems that every couple of weeks I recover more flexibility so as the months pass I look forward to moving and being active with greater agility. It is wonderful to "walk and walk" with no pain just the great feeling of movement.

Thank you Dr. Murray. I love my new hips!!!

Marilyn S

  • Knee Scope for Torn Meniscus

“While most patient testimonials represent more involved procedures than mine, I consider any surgery serious --- especially mine! I had a torn meniscus, and it was imperative for me to be back at work standing on my feet every day ASAP! There was no such thing as 'down time'.

I was scheduled for knee arthroscopy surgery on a Friday. The office staff was wonderful. They took care of all the details for me. All I had to do was show up. Everything went quickly and smoothly. Over the weekend I relaxed and iced. Monday morning I walked into my office without crutches, cane or any help. I had two tiny stitches on my knee. Everyone thought I had cancelled my surgery! It was unbelievable. I walked perfectly and without any pain. I was able to bend my knee 100% to its previous state within 2 weeks. I have never felt so good.

Most important and reassuring is the fact that I have no reservation whatsoever if another surgery is needed that I would be happy to have Dr. Murray perform it. Dr Murray is caring, patient, and a phenomenal surgeon. I was so lucky to have found him.”

Marie DeBarge

  • right hip replacement 10/12/15 left hip replacement 5/16/16

“After almost 6 years of chronic right hip pain with lots of OTC medications I heard about Dr. Murray. I was thrilled that Dr. Murray agreed to do my right hip replacement. I was nervous, however Amy, Dr. Murrays assistant couldn't have been nicer. Dr. Murray was pleasant, and upbeat along with showing me my x-ray we discussed my options. My quality of live had been so poor that I knew I needed help. I knew exactly what to expect, along with the surgery there were a few things that I could not do after the surgery. Those items were, no twisting, don't cross your legs and no bending and walk walk walk after the surgery. I was pain free right after the surgery and was thrilled that I was in and out of the hospital in three days. I had my right hip replaced in October 2015. Not to be overlooked was the pain I was also feeling in my left hip. I feel like a new person now that I have had the left hip replaced as of May 2016. Dr. Murray is the BEST! I can't say enough about him. Would I recommend him to my friends, I certainly would. Thank you Thank you Thank you Dr. Murray and Amy too.”

Janet L.

  • Robotic assisted right hip total arthroplasty

“I suffered for two years with hip pain, I could not even go to the store the last few months before surgery, I was in agony. I was told by my primary Dr. to see Dr. Murray. Well I called him, and two weeks later I saw him. He told me about the surgery, and what to expect. Dr. Murray set up the surgery in two weeks time, and I have never been happier. Things went like he told me they would. From the moment I woke up in the hospital, the pain was gone!! I did have a little at the site of surgery, but nothing compared to before surgery. After coming home, I had no pain, needed no painkillers, used a walker for five days, then a cane for four days. NO PAIN!!! Now six weeks later I am back to normal, I have my life back, thanks to Dr. Murray!”

Bernadette Z.

  • Right & Left Hip; Left Knee

“Dr. Murray replaced my right hip in 2009, my left knee in 2012 and my left hip in 2015 (using robotic surgery) and I have never felt better!

Dr. Murray was recommended to me by my chiropractor when I thought I was having back pain and it turned out to be my right hip. I would not consider using any oter surgeon for joint replacement surgery; Dr. Murray is a caring and dedicated professional.

I have several co-workers who have had joints replaced by Dr. Murray who love him as much as I do and some friends who I have referred to him as well.

If you need joint replacement, contact Dr. Murray's office - it will be a great experience from the office staff, to the surgery, to the after care!”


  • Right and Left Hip Replacement. Right Hip Revision.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Murray for more than 25 years. Dr. Murray has performed replacement hip surgery on both my right and left hip (the dates for these surgeries were differentâ¦left hip was originally done in 1997 and the right hip in 2005). These surgeries went extremely well and I was relieved of pain that I had endured. I was quick to recover, get back on my feet and encountered no complications what so ever. I believe this is due to his expertise and fantastic surgical skills. In 2014 Dr. Murray performed a hip revision on the original hip done in 1997. This also went extremely well with no complications. In my opinion, Dr. Murray is one of the finest Orthopedic Surgeons in the business and I trust him completely and without reservation for all my orthopedic needs. I have recommended Dr. Murray to others and will continue to do so.”

Dick Stevens

  • Right Knee Medial Replacement

“ I am a 68 year old male who had heart bypass surgery in 2003. On Monday, November 17, 2015, I had a medial right knee compartment surgery at Hartford Hospital by Dr. Paul Murray and the surgical staff. On Wednesday,Nov. 19, 2015 I returned home after surgery without the aid of a walker or cane. I had 4 sessions of in home Physical Therapy provided by a homecare agency. I returned to work 10 days after the surgery. My profession requires me to walking, bending and standing for extended periods of time. I was able to complete my work with little discomfort. I completed my recovery by driving to Florida and missed the all the cold and snow in Connecticut this winter. I walked an average of 4 to 6 miles a day in the sunshine state to strengthen my muscles and connective tissue around my new knee. Recently, I went salmon fishing in New Brunswick, Canada for a week standing in a boat for 7 hours a day, fly fishing without any problems. Dr. Murray's staff went out of their way to complete the arrangements for the surgery on very short notice. I can say "WOW" with the results of the surgery Dr. Murray performed. The Makoplasty Technology used by Dr. Murray shows his intuitive ability to achieve excellent results. I strongly recommend Dr. Paul Murray to anyone who needs orthopedic surgery for knees and hips. Gratefully yours, Dick S. ”

Dave E

  • Left Hip Replacement 2008
Dave E's photo

“Dr. Murray replaced my left hip in July 2008, after I had experienced plenty of pain for over a year. He indicated previously that it was up to me to determine if I wanted the lifestyle improvement. Since this was my first surgery, ever, I was admittedly hesitant to undergo the procedure. Today, I'm most happy that I followed through and have since recommended Dr. Murray to a number of friends and acquaintances.

As a wonderful plus factor to having improved strength and mobility in my left hip I am currently working out in the gym daily and have recently engaged in a weight loss program and dropped 70 pounds. None of this would be possible without the success factor of a new hip!”

Bill S.

  • left hip replacement

“Dr. Murray replaced my left hip about eight years ago. My hip was badly riddled with arthritis. I lived with the pain for a few years and then realized that if I wanted to continue to play tennis and golf, Dr. Murray was recommended to me by a friend. I met with him and I felt very much at ease and confident with him. The surgery and rehab went very smoothly, and I was playing my sports before I knew it. Every follow-up appointment ended with Doc saying, " It looks like the day I put it in!" It has been incredible! I have not had a single problem with it. At my age I wish all my joints worked and felt as good as my left hip.

Since my surgery I have recommended Doc to many friends. One had his surgery, and one had his surgery shortly after mine, and we see each other all the time and always praise Dr. Murray. THANKS, DOC!”

Jon R. Gould

  • Total Left Knee replacement..
Jon R. Gould's photo

“I consider Dr Murray to be a "miracle man" regarding my knee operation and the results that followed and would suggest that any person with issues please contact him.

I went to see Dr. Murray in early May 2015 to get information regarding issues I'd had with both knees.

His relaxed professionalism made me feel very comfortable discussing the whole replacement process from start to finish, and through the rehabilitation thereafter if I chose to proceed..

On Friday, May 8, 2015 Dr Murray performed a left total knee replacement at Hartford Hospital and I was released the following Monday morning. I was taught how to go up and down stairs on Sunday while in the hospital and was able to sleep upstairs every night at home.. On Wednesday I mowed with my lawn tractor, and was driving my car that weekend.

There was very little actual pain regarding the operation. There was weakness and stiffness in the knee and leg but Home Healthcare Physical Therapist visits for a couple of weeks returned the leg to it's original "range of motion", and seven visits to a walk in P/T rehab center was all I that needed.

Since my operation I've come in contact with quite a few people that have had Dr Murray for knee and hip replacements, and they've all shared similar very positive results.

I will be having my other knee done in the very near future.

Barbaa Shuckra

  • knee replacement surgery (left)

“It has been 10 years since my surgery - the X-rays show perfection. Before surgery, I had absolutely no cartilage between the bones in my left knee. I experienced super pain when walking. During my initial visit with Dr. Murray, I felt sure that I was in the the hands of the best. I attended the pre-surgery class and found that my 27 years of mowing my hilly lawn was the best preparation for the strength in my legs.The surgery went smoothly and I was out of bed once he removed that special bandage. I attended the rehab sessions and was surprised at the ease with which I was walking, albeit with a walker. At home after day four, I walked as much as I could and drove within six days - I had a standard transmission which Dr. Murray said was the best exercise for my left knee. I took him at his word. I was feeling great, with just a little thing going on in my knee, and, I was driving. I went back to work after three weeks. I walked every hour and drove to rehab after work. I flew to St. Louis on a business trip at week four, continuing to walk as much as I could. Many of my friends have had Dr. Murray's implant, some with two knees at a time. Dr. Murray gave us our knees back, which relieved the pain in walking and bending. Of course, I shocked him when I told him that I went tandem sky-diving and just learned how to drive an ATV. I'll be seeing him in two years. I like to see the X-rays.”

Angela D.

  • 2 knee replacements, right hip replacement

“I had my right knee replaced in 2009, my right hip in 2011 and my left knee replaced in 2013. I couldn't be happier with the result in all three cases and with the medical care and attention I was given by Dr. Murray and his staff. In all three cases, I was out and about after three weeks and back to work in 4 weeks. I continue leading an active life working, vacationing and living pain free thanks to Dr. Murray and his staff! I would recommend this procedure to anyone who is on the fence about it.”