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Patient Testimonials

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Agnes P

  • I would use Dr.Murray again for any other joints.
Agnes P's photo

“In June 2010 Dr Murray did Arthroscopic surgery on my right knee. He said there was lots of arthritis and I would probably need a full knee replacement in 2 years. It lasted 5 years I thought that was pretty good. In the mean time, my left hip began to really cause problems. Hips are congenital in my family. I had Dr. Murray look at it, sure enough it was bone on bone and very painful. In October of 2014 Dr Murray did a complete hip replacement. By January of 2015 after much walking I was hiking in the California Sur, Baja, Mexico!!! But my right knee began to creep back into the picture. April of 2015 I had a complete right knee replacement and it went perfectly. I expect to be hiking in Tuscany, Italy in October. My suggestion to anyone contemplating hip or knee surgery is to follow the instructions to the letter. Do not stop moving before surgery no matter how painful and walk, walk, walk. I will say knees are harder then hips and much more painful but if you keep moving and follow you PT and Dr. Murray's instructions you will do fine. Dr. Paul Murray is the best. ”

Darrell Coxson

  • bilateral knee replacement 2007,right hip total replacement 2010 left hip total replacement 2014
Darrell Coxson's photo

“best decision I ever made Dr Murray did great job no problems with surgery or aftercare. Doctors office visit timely and efficient. I have recommended other people to seek his services.”

Phyllis Rookey

  • left hip replacement

“I had my left hip replacement done in February 2015, from our first consultation to the last visit the entire staff made me feel very comfortable and relaxed about the procedure, I was educated on all aspects of the procedure and every question I had or my family had was answered as I was the first to be operated on by robotics. I would highly recommend Dr Murray and his staff to anyone needing joint replacement.”


  • right knee replacement

“I had my left knee replaced in 2008 by another MD. That went well. As he is no longer doing replacements, when I needed my right knee replaced I went to Dr. Murray. I found him to be attentive and on target. I had that knee replaced in 2014 and a year later find it to be successful. With both knees, I find there are numb areas. but nothing that can't be dealt with. I have recommended Dr. Murray to a number of people who need joint replacement.”

Frederick Brown

  • Hip Replacement

“The Hip Replacement performed by Dr Paul Murray was flawless and went much better than I imagined. I would highly recommend his surgical skills to other prospective clients.”

Bob O'Connor

  • 5/25/06 revision left total knee arthroplasty, 3/06 arthriscopy of right knee, 9/16/14 rotator cuff repair right shoulder

“I first came to Dr. Murray in the Spring of 2006. Problems with my left knee necessitated having two arthroscopic surgeries in 2003, a partial knee replacement in March of 2005, and a total replacement of the same knee three months later. All of these procedures were performed by other orthopaedic surgeons, and all of the procedures were failures. Dr. Murray was recommended to me by another one of his patients, and in May of 2006 a revision of the left knee was performed after a complete consultation and explanation of the operation. Because of the damage within my knee the surgery was followed by a vigorous rehab at Mt. Sinai. Upon release from the in-house rehab I continued in physical therapy and I regained nearly all of my normal range of motion. Regular follow up visits have shown the continued success of the procedure.

In September of 2014, Dr. Murray performed another surgery on me. This time it was to repair a torn rotor cuff in my right shoulder. After the surgery, a lengthy recuperation, and another intense regimen of physical therapy, my shoulder is back to where it was prior to the surgery.

I am glad that Dr. Murray was recommended to me,and especially in the first case, I am thrilled that he was able to rectify the problems that were readily apparent after the first two failed procedures. The overall atmosphere of his office and staff is friendly, courteous, and professional. They truly care for the well being of the patient and do everything possible to ease the fears and consternation's of their patients and families. I have recommended Dr. Murray to many others and I shall continue to utilize his talents should the need arise in the future.”

Bill C

  • Total knee replacement

“I am 13 days post surgery and feel great. My second knee and this has been a remarkable recovery. Stopped meds six days ago. Going for two week follow up tomorrow. ”

Bill Carr

  • R knee replacement
Bill Carr's photo

“I am 31 days post operation and doing great. Knee bend at 119 degrees. Following Dr Murray's instructions and PT produces positive results. Pain is tolerable and over the counter meds do the trick. A heartfelt thanks to Dr Murray and his staff. ”

Paul C.

  • Bilateral Total Knee Replacements
Paul C.'s photo

“So glad I chose Doctor Murray, and so glad I had both of my bad knees replaced at the same time. I just passed the 90 day mark, and while complete healing can take up to a year, my progress has greatly exceeded my expectations. I now walk normally, without any sign that I’ve had both knees replaced. Even the incision scars have greatly diminished. In fact, only Dr. Murray, my family, and airport security know about my new knees.

I have nothing but praise for Dr. Murray, and his entire staff of competent and compassionate professionals. My only regret is that I lived with worn out knees for so long. If only I had done this sooner. Thank you.

Bill Carr

  • Total knee replacement, right
Bill Carr's photo

“Eight weeks post op and feeling great. No Meds now for over six weeks. Walking, gym, and biking. Finish PT this coming week. Knee is dramatically better than before operation. Dr Murrary and his staff are the best. Looking forward to playing golf soon, as soon as Dr gives me the ok. Strongly recommend Paul Murrary. ”

Ron Riordan

  • Robotic Right Hip Replacement

“I am 67 years old and 3 months ago I had hip replacement surgery. Two years ago I was having right side lower back pain. That is the way I mentally approached therapy. I had a series of 3 shots in the lower back and none worked. I tried 8 weeks of seeing a chiropractor and 8 visits for accupunture. I had seen a back Doctor a couple of times and decided to have back surgery in June of 2015.That to did not work. In late August of 2015 I saw Dr Murray. After seeing my right hip xray it was obvious I needed the hip surgery. October 12th Dr Murray scheduled the surgery. That afternoon was the only time I used a walker to do PT. I was out and home on Oct.14th. I used a cane to help with my in house Pt and going for a walk. I had a minimal amount of pain. PT lasted 2 weeks and was walking with no cane in 1 month. I currently walk 2 to 4 miles five to six times a week. Before surgery I couldn't walk without pain to the end of my driveway. My experience with Dr Murray and his office staff have been outstanding. I say that not because of how great I felt but because it was true. Any question I had were answered. I did my homework in choosing Dr Murray from several Hallmarkers who had both the hip and knee surgery. I listened to there feedback and not one of them had a negative comment. If I need any future replacement surgery I know which Doctor I am choosing. Also hopefully as a lesson if you experience lower back pain I would recommend not only looking at the back ask for an xray on your hip. ”

James A. Mary

  • Full knee replacement then half knee robotic assisted surgery
James A. Mary's photo

“In April of '07 I had a full knee replacement. Four weeks later, I was playing golf! I attribute the success to several things,.........

Dr. Murray's expertise, being in good physical shape, and not carrying excess weight prior to surgery. Why did this help? Since physical therapy is an important element after surgery, I was able to push exercising without overdoing it. I was very pleased with the efficiency and care of all of the staff I interacted with.

In November of '15, I needed to take care of the other deteriorated knee. Dr. Murray said I was a good candidate for half knee replacement with the new Robotic Assisted surgery. He said that procedure could do it five times better than he could. I found that hard to believe since I was so pleased with the full knee replacement years back. Post surgery X-rays indicated a "perfect fit". NO MORE PAIN! The procedure is less invasive, with maybe quicker recovery time. I was playing Pickle Ball in four weeks. Again, all the care, direction and follow-up with the staff was top shelf. Thank you!”

Bill C

  • L knee replacement
Bill C's photo

“Going for visit tomorrow and I am happy to report knee is fantastic. No pain playing golf and best of all - I'm back to all activities that I could not do for years. ”

Geri A.

  • two total knee replacements

“In April 2016, Dr. Murray replaced my left knee and five years earlier, he had replaced my right knee. Both operations meant the original pain that limited my walking and in general my enjoying so many activities was gone from the moment I awoke from the surgery. The recovery and rehab from both surgeries was just as had been explained. By

two months from the date of each surgery, I was enjoying walking, gardening, going to the gym and had begun to think of planning future trips. None of these things would have been possible if I had not had the surgeries.

Before my first replacement, I attended a workshop session given by Dr. Murray and heard an overview of the process and listened as he answered general questions from the attendees. For me this was a very helpful session as it gave me a chance to get a feel for who Dr. Murray was while learning about knee replacements.

Dr. Murray and his staff have always been easy to deal with and have answered my questions and concerns with patience and respect. I having nothing but praise and gratitude for him and the work he does.”

Bud G.

  • Bi-Lateral Knee Replacement

“In January of 2016 I had Bi-Lateral Knee Replacement. I'm not a young guy, so apprehensive was a very good term to use for my thoughts. Dr. Murray always was very straightforward with any discussions that we had regarding surgery and recovery.

I made up my mind that I was going to ride my bicycle two months after my surgery and did to the day. It is now approximately five months after my surgery and I am getting ready to ride in the "Tour de Cure", Diabetes Association ride (50K) this weekend 6/12/16.

There are still days when I am stiff and sore but I still keep on trying to do to much.

Thanks Dr. Murray.”