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Patient Testimonials

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Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!


  • total right knee replacement

“my experience with Dr murray from the start was great he addressed my concerns and answered my questions very honestly not only was he very helpfull his staff are great also they took care of all the paperwork for my disability ins. the staff at Hartford hospital was excellent.the surgery was beyond my expectations DR murray is a fantastic surgeon I have recommened him to many of my friends and family and I myself are having him do the right knee total replacement in January

Jim L

  • Left Knee 2010, Robotic assist Right Hip 2016

“Playing golf 5 weeks after left knee and 4 weeks after right hip! ( He will have a heart attack if he reads this) I had a very complicated knee replacement due to a prior failed partial replacement!! All is well 6 years later.”

Steve B

  • total knee -left and right

“Dr. Murray cleaned my left knee out in 2011 at that time I was very impressed with not only how well it went but how good he was. he explained exactly what he was going to do and did just that. I felt awesome but he did warn that I was going to need knee replacements in 5 years or so. fast forward to 2016 knees had degraded to point that I had very little quality of life. March we met with Dr. Murray and scheduled my first replacement for May my wife having work for an orthopedic practice for 20 years had many questions. he was direct to the point with all of them making her very comfortable. I was very apprehensive but his confidence gave me a sense of encouragement. The first knee went great, day of surgery he spent time to explain everything to my wife and I, we both felt very comfortable. Was home 2 day later and started physical therapy regained motion pretty well and pain was not bad at all. At my post op appointment we scheduled the right knee for later in July. To be honest I what I expected with the second knee was just what the first one was. Day of surgery he met with us joked a bit about being a repeat customer this made me feel totally at ease. He did warn us that every knee replacement was different, boy was he right. I was up and walking day of surgery with very little pain. Second day did the in hospital PT and had incredible motion already. I was awarded the rare blue band that enabled me to walk the hallway with out the assistance of the nurses once I was in the hallway. I did laps twice that day and again early the next morning before being released. The at home PT went well and was sent to outpatient PT a week sooner than first. It has been 6 weeks since the second knee replacement today I completed my PT and received my return to work date. I just want to thank Dr. Murray for giving me my life back. I can actually pedal a bike for the first time in almost 10 years and plan to start hiking again later this fall. I have recommended him to a neighbor and work colleague. Again thank you Dr. Murray. ”

Barbara M.

  • Total right hip replacement

“I waited for over 20 years to replace the second hip after my first replacement at the age of 45. The first one was a success but many issues followed both medical and persona. When I no longer could stand the pain I decided to have the hip replaced ; the original surgeon had retired so I began a search for a new one. There was a significant weight gain since the first surgery and I was turned down by several surgeons simply because of my increased weight. It was quite frustrating. I felt like a hamster spinning on a wheel. I needed to loose weight to have the surgery but couldn't exercise to loose the 50# to have the surgery because of the pain and deterioration of the hip. I just about gave up! My PCP recommended I see Dr. Murray he said that he took his tough cases so off I went to Dr. Murray waiting to be turned down yet again. Well to my surprise I left the office in tears with an appointment to have my surgery. I couldn't believe my ears when he said he would do the surgery. I walk now with a cane and no pain!!! I am so thankful for Dr. Murray for giving me a chance to live without hip pain. To me it is truly a miracle.”

John B

  • robotic-assisted left total hip replacement

“My initial visit with Dr. Paul Murray was very informative and reassuring. My surgery went exactly as was explained and my hospital stay was comfortable and brief. The follow up office visit was thorough and any questions I had were answered. My wife and I know we made a very good choice having Dr. Murray perform my surgery and when people ask who my Dr. was I proudly tell them Dr. Paul B. Murray”

Joel F.

  • robotic assisted bilateral total knee replacements

“12/8/16 Dr. Murray performed my dual total knee replacements. In 4 days I was released from the hospital to home and within 4 weeks I was walking without crutches. I currently have a 122 degree bend in both knees which is remarkable. Although a full recovery is not a quick process it will allow me to have my quality of life back.

From the initial visit with Dr. Murray and his team in the office, to meeting Dr. Murray's OR team before the operation, I consistently felt they had my best interests in mind. They had my full trust as professionals ! After surgery any questions or concerns I had were handled promptly and followed up if needed. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Murray to anyone thinking about robotic knee replacements. ”

Bill Bond

  • Both hips - total replacement

“After several painful years I met with Doctor Murray who clearly explained to me in detail his recommendations after through exams. I believe the left hip was a normal total replacement and acknowledged in advanced the right hip would be totally different. After a sporting injury, 54 years ago I dislocated hip hip, and the normal treatment back in the 60's was to place a steel pin in the joint. The right hip surgery took four hours and occurred two years later, I was first amazed at the technical advancements achieved in those two years acknowledging the devotion required to stay on top of the technical advances, plus this had to be a very physically demanding operation., I was young and still growing when the steel was added, with the growth and melding of bone plus steel had to create an incredible surgery. Doctor Murray also preformed a total knee replacement for my wife, she healed in less than three months, and a year later the scare is hardly noticable. I'm rehabbing very nicely, and with the Doctors talents, we can enjoy a more active and complete retirement.”

Mark W

  • Knee Replacements 2017

“Dr Murray, and his team, performed total knee replacements for me in May and July of this year. I'm very pleased with the results! No more arthritis pain and mobility limitations!

He made the decision to have the successive surgeries very easy. The process, from consultation to surgery and follow up care, is very professional and compassionate.

Thank you!


Edward Learned

  • knee replacement

“I had been in severe knee pain for many years. I had my first knee replacement surgery 12 years ago. It was performed by another doctor and it was a long process to recovery and also a two week stay in a nursing home. I was hesitant to have my second knee replaced, but due to the pain, I had no choice. I researched different doctors and choose Dr. Murray after several people referred me to him. I was so impressed after my first visit to Dr. Murray's office. He was easy to talk to, warm, and very professional and informative.

I choose to have Dr. Murray perform my knee surgery using robotic assistance and I recovered at the Hartford Bone and Joint Institute. The staff there was very professional and I left there, for home, within several days. I am now going to physical therapy and on a quick road to recovery. I cannot be more thankful to Dr. Murray and his staff. I have been able to resume my active life, free of knee pain.”


  • left knee: torn ligaments, meniscus repaired, arthritis removed

“Dr. Murray is the BEST!!! After our follow-up meeting, I returned to swimming and am soooo thankful for all he and his wonderful staff have done for my health. I'd been at the doggie park with our little Beagle, and foolishly stood away from the fence and seats. Two huge German Shepherds raced through the park, my left knee, and didn't slow down. I would have gone flying, but two friends caught me as I was lifted into the air. Lots of pain followed. Once Dr. Murray repaired the damage (he'd repaired my right knee a while before this) and I followed the regimen of icing the knees, I was off pain meds a few days later for each knee. God Bless Dr. Murray and his wonderful staff! ”