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Patient Testimonials

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!


  • both hips replaced

“At my church, I attended an adult fellowship program which invites speakers of interest to the "older" members of our congregation. There I learned about hip replacements when Dr. Murray was the guest speaker. I also learned many people at our church had already had a hip or knee repaired by Dr. Murray and were very happy with the results. I decided to get my right hip done since it no longer responded to the cortisone shots I had been having. I was amazed that I could walk the same day as the operation without pain in my right hip for the first time in years. When I saw Dr. Murray for the follow-up appointment at his office, I said I wanted to make an appointment to have my left hip done since the right hip had been so easy. Six months later I had my left hip replaced by Dr. Murray and was just as pleased with the results. I did have pain one day at home so I called the office and Dr. Murray called me later in the day from his home. I was amazed! How many doctors will call you at home if you have a concern? Not many. I highly recommend Dr. Murray for any surgery you may be contemplating.”

Carl E

  • bilateral knee and hip replacements

“I was satisfied every phase of both surgeries. All the professionals from pre-op to discharge were efficient and caring. Most importantly, the results made my decision a wise one. ”

George m Dalton

  • Double knee replacement

“I have lived a very active life prior to my physical limitations caused by osteoarthritis. I had worked as a carpenter and enjoyed cross country skiing and all manners of physical activity before my affliction. To be honest I was very down and discouraged with regards to my view of the future. My left knee was so severely deformed people wondered how I managed to move at all. I looked forward to my surgery but I had no Idea how beneficial it would be, within hours of my surgery I was standing in my hospital room completely relieved of arthritic pain, yes I felt the surgical pain with the full awareness this pain would pass. The arthritic pain was gone, the left leg was straight I couldn't wait to have the right done. They are both done it has been four months and I rarely think about my knees at all. What more can I say my life has been completely transformed, thanks to all involved. Sincerely George m Dalton. ”

Walter Krauchick

  • robotic-assisted left knee replacement

“Last year, at this time, I was getting pressure from my family to get my knee looked at. I had an old sports injury where I tore my ACL. Over time my knee got worse and the pain escalated and it actually started to bow outward like I had a deformity. My son worked for Stryker and did some research as to the best doctors in the tri-state area and he gave me the name of Dr. Paul B. Murray. I went to the initial consultation just to satisfy my family who were pressuring me. By the end of the consultation, I signed the consent form before leaving and began making plans with work to go for surgery. Dr. Murray's explanation of the process and what I could expect gave me the confidence to proceed.

On May 1st, I had a total knee replacement performed by Dr. Murray and I cannot thank him enough for changing my life. Nine months later,I am completely pain-free, with total mobility and I can no longer even see the scar. Dr Murray is BY FAR - the top doctor in his profession. If you are in pain and tired of your situation - make an appointment right now! Don't wait... don't suffer any more. The RIGHT doctor with the RIGHT training and techniques matter!!! He has the experience we all hope for and the his demeanor is so refreshing. Don't worry where you live or if you have to drive a little farther - GET THE RIGHT DOCTOR and that is Dr. Paul B. Murray of (Hip Knee Sports) Murray Joint Replacement Surgery!!! I am so grateful to my son for recommending him and to Dr Murray for what he has done for me. Walter Krauchick Guilford, CT ”

Susan l

  • Knee replacement
Susan l's photo

“4 ago ago I had both my knees replaced within a 6 week period by Dr Murray. From start to finish I have had only positive experiences. Dr Murray and his staff were excellent. Best thing I could have done for myself. I'm more active and no pain. I bike, i hike, i excercise and i play sports, things i wasnt able to do for 20 years. Love my new knees. Highly recommend! Thanks Dr Murray!”


  • 2 knee replacements

“About 10 years ago or more I had one knee replaced. Then I realized how bad the other one was. A year later the second one. Fantastic! A new life. Dr. Murray said he could put it in but it depended on me to do the work after. How right he was. The only thing I didn't like was the nerve block on the second one. I felt I recovered slower cuz of it. That wasn't his decision though. It was anestegiology. I worked at a medical supply/pharmacy. I asked all the nurses and PT people who I should go to. So glad I did.”

Tom Connors

  • Left hip replacement.

“I was having left hip pain for about two years. I researched many orthopedic surgeons and chose Dr. Paul Murray.

From our first visit I knew I had made the right choice. Dr. Murray is extremely professional; and scheduled my surgery in a timely manner.

He explained the total procedure to my wife and I, the amount of time it would take, the recovery and therapy that I would be doing as well as the post-op precautions. I had my surgery on April 29th at CJRC at St. Francis hospital. I was up and walking that night, fairly pain free.

Dr. Murray came in the first thing the next morning to check on me. I had a good night sleep (first in a few yrs). When I walked the unit two more times that morning I was discharged home. I have been 99% pain free since my surgery. After following my post-op precautions as instructed by Dr. Murray, I am now able to walk, climb stairs, sleep, ride in a car for long distances all pain free. The only thing I would like to have changed is that Dr. Murray called my wife after the surgery instead of seeing her personally. I highly recommend Dr. Murray. He improved my life.”

Tina Costanzo

  • Total Hip Replacement

“Absolutely wonderful experience. The pain vanished immediately. Dr. Murray has performed surgeries on 3 generations of my family. He is an example of what the medical profession should emulate: genuine care for the patient with a bedside manner that puts the concerns of the patient first - we would go nowhere else! The staff were very professional, the arrangements were flawless. A better experience than any five-star vacation reservation!”

Walter Krauchick

  • Full Knee Replacement - Left

“Was reluctant due to friends who were not happy with their surgeries at different doctors. Was concerned my knee was too bad and that too many years had gone by from an old football injury. Met with Dr. Murray and scheduled surgery and it is the best decision I have made since proposing to my wife. I feel like I am 25 years old again! I have since referred at least a dozen people to Dr Murray. For best results DO THE POST SURGERY PHYSICAL THERAPY. The right doctor IS IMPORTANT!!! Don't just go to who is closer in proximity... that is just dumb.”

Lucy Krauchick

  • Hip replacement

“So I know of many people who have had hip and knee replacements. Some have very good results and some do not. The right doctor matters!!! I saw what Dr Murray did for my husband with his knee replacement so several months later I had Dr Murray replace my hip. If you don't go to Dr Murray you are just rolling the dice and hoping for the best. Be good to yourself and see Dr Murray. Just as important after surgery - do the work to rehab and you will reap the benefits. ”

Bill Carr

  • R TKR second time
Bill Carr's photo

“Surgery 12/19/2019 today is Saturday and I am in very little pain and walking unassisted. This was a redo of a 16 year old knee. Paul is absolutely the very best in CT. The trip from Niantic was more than worth it. Starting outpatient PT Tuesday. Cut my meds down today and canât wait for PT. Thank you Paul and the whole staff at CJRI at St Francis. ”

Bill Carr

  • Redo 16 year old TKR
Bill Carr's photo

“Saw Dr 1/3 two weeks after replacement. No meds, drove myself and bending 109 degrees. Dr Murray has done excellent work beyond my expectations. A replacement is more work than the first time and this recovery has been terrific. PT is painfull but results are worth it. Will be playing golf in CA this March. Thanks Doc ”

Hal K

  • Two Hip Replacements, Total Knee

“Dr. Murray is probably the most professional and compassionate surgeon I have had the pleasure of meeting. I have entrusted my life in his hands. Anyone writing anything negative probably has personal problems with unjustified remarks. If you want a surgeon who cares about your well being he is the man to see. I never thought I could trust a surgeon but he will take it to the next level to find a solution to your problem. I am a totally satisfied patient who will probably need another knee replacement in several years. You know who will be doing the surgery, Respectfully, Hal”

Lynn Ford

  • Replacement of Right Knee

“I was very apprehensive about getting this procedure done and had put it off. I had my surgery on August 26, 2020 and immediately began PT at home. I went from my walker to a cane in 7 days. I was driving within 3 weeks and and went back to work on the 4th week. I am now in outpatient therapy completing most movements freely. Swelling is subsiding daily. I am so relieved that I went to Dr. Murray for my procedure and would highly recommend Dr. Murray. Amy in Dr. Murray's office was so helpful and encouraging to me which was really appreciated as well as other staff that called to check on me and make sure I was ok with my medication in which Tylenol has been the only one I needed. As you can read I am very happy with my procedure and Dr. Murray.”

Ron Garde

  • Double Knee Replacement
Ron Garde's photo

“One of the luckiest days of my life was when I had my initial consult with Dr. Murray! I met with (3) other Doctors previously beforehand and none of them inspired the confidence that Dr. Murray had. He took one look at me and said, I can fix you! That ended up being an understatement - the joint replacement procedure went extremely well and I was back on the Racquetball Court better than ever before. Thank you Dr. Murray - you are the best!”